Lockdown Rope Vault Lighting Kit

Lockdown Rope Vault Lighting Kit 222020 is a versatile way to light up every corner of your prized gun collection. This Lockdown gun safe accessory can be twisted into virtually any configuration to light up the inside of your safe as you see fit. The Lockdown Rope Lighting Kit can be routed right through the vault wall thanks to the gun safe accessory's quick install plug. Consisting of 12 feet of super bright white LED lights, this Lockdown product will turn your everyday gun safe into a brightly lit display with little to no hassle. Whether you're having trouble finding things in your gun safe or you just want to show off your beautiful firearms, the Lockdown Vault Lighting Kit an illuminate your gun case like never before.

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Specifications for Lockdown Rope Lighting Kit for Gun Safes:

Length: 12'
Power Cord: 10' w/ on/off switch
Quick Install Plug: Yes

Features of Lockdown Gun Vault Rope Lights:

  • Flexible illumination for your gun safe
  • Easy to install in any configuration
  • In-line on/off switch

1-Lockdown Rope Vault Lighting Kit

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Favian - Add Reply

Great buy for this length of lights. Comes with everything you need. Since it had no door switch I got creative and ran a motion sensor to it so when I open my door I get light and it just goes dark after a few inactive minutes. Hight recommend over the super expensive light the safe companys try to upsell you with the purchase of their safe. Pros: Great Value, Long Rope w Bright White Lights Cons: A door switch would make it perfect

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