Browning Safes Axis Deep Drawer

Keep your valuable items protected when you install the Browning Safes Axis Deep Drawer in your Axis-compatible Browning Safe. Perfect for those items you never have a place for, this Drawer from Browning Safes stores your most precious items that require protecting, including but not limited to photography equipment, external hard drives, family heirlooms, and more. With extensive storage for a wide variety of items, the Browning Safes Axis Deep Storage Drawer simultaneously saves floor space in your safe while keeping all of your smaller items in one place. For the best way to provide maximum protection and keep space open for your larger standing items, store your little precious trinkets in the Browning Safes Axis Steel Deep Drawer.

92.25 /100
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Specifications for Browning Safes Axis Protective Deep Drawer:

Weight: 5 lb
Fits: Axis shelving compatible Browning Safes
Material: Steel

Features of Browning Safes Axis Space Saving Deep Drawer:

  • Deep drawer offers extensive storage for both small and large items
  • Effective space saver for your safe
  • Provides maximum protection for high value items

1-Browning Safes Axis Deep Drawer

  • PROS
  • room, finish
  • CONS
  • tricky to fit up, a little pricey
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Blaise - Add Reply

First, you need to have a spare shelf! It is just a drawer and brackets. Second, you have to bolt the side brackets to the shelf. Tiny bolts/nuts are metric. Third, you will need to bend the side brackets in slightly so the drawer does not slip off the bracket runners. Then, you are all set. Lot's off room. nice finish and lining. And, it MUST be hung on the center runners. otherwise the drawer face hits the door frame and the drawer won't open fully.

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