LED LENSER P7 or T7 Flashlight Remote Switch

Ensure that you're ready for any tactical mission when your flashlight is equipped with the LED LENSER P7 or T7 Flashlight Remote Switch. Noiselessly turning on your weapon light without drawing attention to itself, these Flashlight Accessories created by LED Lenser simply replace the end cap on your flashlight and you're virtually undetectable to your target. Perfect for short distance missions when speed and ease is of the essence, the LED LENSER P7 or T7 Weapon Light Remote Switch only requires a slight tap on the switch to activate your flashlight's powerful beam. Fitting perfectly on a standard 30mm optic ring, mount your LED LENSER P7/T7 Flashlight Remote Switch equipped flashlight on your favorite weapon for a truly tactical experience that prepares you for anything.

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Specifications for LED LENSER P7 or T7 Flashlight 30mm Remote Switch:

Fits: P7.2, T7.2, and Tac Torchâ„¢
Diameter: 30mm

Features of LED LENSER P7 and T7 Flashlight Remote Switch:

  • Easily switch on your light noiselessly and from a short distance
  • Replace your flashlight's end cap with the switch
  • Fits a standard 30mm optic ring for placement on a firearm

1-LED LENSER P7 or T7 Flashlight Remote Switch

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Dion - Add Reply

This is a discontinued product. Be careful of the product numbers--there are 3 different variations of this product, and they do NOT fit each other. The ones I received did NOT fit the T7 series flashlight (not even close). OP has great customer service and gave me the manufacturer's phone number, along with an OP return authorization. The manufacturer directed me to another reseller who had a few of the right part number for T7's left in stock. Once you get the right version they are a great accessory--allows you to use a scope ring to attach the flashlight to a picatinny rail, and then attach the pressure switch to a grip. You can then control the flashlight easily. It's not just a replacement cap. It replaces the entire internal battery cartridge module and has an O-ring seal for water resistance. This should be standard issue on all tac flashlights.

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