Tinks Smokin Sticks

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Target the biggest bucks with Tinks Deer Lure Smokin Sticks. These Hunting Accessories from the pioneers at Tinks offer a no-mess solution with 6 sticks per package. Perfect for cold and cooler climates, the Tinks Hunting Smokin Sticks will last for up to 2-hours of continuous smell. Lure your target with effortless ease with Tinks Doe Urine Smokin Sticks.

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Specifications for Tinks Smokin Sticks:

Scent: Whitetail

Tinks Deer Lure Smokin Sticks, 72-5S-STICKSMOKINT

  • Smokes for approximately 2 hours
  • Scent will stick to everything it comes in contact with
  • Contains 6 per pack

1-Tinks Smokin Sticks
2-Tinks Smokin Sticks
3-Tinks Smokin Sticks

  • PROS
  • Safe, easily transportable, Scent travels a LONG WAY, Sticks to everything.
  • CONS

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Alexie - Add Reply

Nothing quite like getting to ones stand in setting out Hanging Bottles of Deer Urine getting it all over you hands. What joy. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Storage can be a problem IF it spills in your home or vehicle. In hunting the wicks dry out quickly and lose its smell. BUT, Smokin Deer Sticks...work...if you use it correctly with a Smoke house. I bring spare nails to put thru holes in smoke house into ground so it will not fall/blow over. The last for several hours and the smoke follows the wind direction and Clings to EVERYTHING including you. I have had bambi's walk right up to the house and take a huff. Use the correct one for the right season. Like do not burn Rut sticks if not in rut. IT will scare off the deer then. I like the Food scent sticks as well. Ah...Honeysuckle. I also use a different brand for Hog Hunting (rotten meat version). So Fire them up. Smoke beats Liquid.

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