10 Best Camping Gear Accessories of 2020

Get high quality comfort for discount prices when you purchase these Military Surplus Gray Wool Blend Blankets 4PKB. These Camping Gear crafted by Military Surplus measure in at 60x80in, offering plenty of coverage for those chilly nights yet being compact enough for convenient storage. These blankets are perfect for emergency situations. Stow them away in your home, vehicle, or elsewhere to have on hand for when you need them most. Pick up your pack of Military Surplus Gray Wool 60x80in Blankets and stay warm and snug when the temperature drops.

Specifications for Military Surplus Gray Wool Blend Blanket:

Color: Gray
Size: 60 x 80 in

Features of Rothco Wool Blanket

  • 4 Pack military style
  • Chill chasing wool blend material
  • Generous 60in. X 80in. SIZE
  • Weighs Approximately 2lbs, 6ozs.

1-Military Surplus Gray Wool Blend Blanket

  • PROS
  • Price, and good weight
  • CONS
#Military Surplus

Just when you thought your Camp Chef pellet grill couldn't get any more accommodating; enter the Camp Chef Pellet Grill Front Shelf. Prep, place and let your grill lend a hand with the convenient shelf attached directly to the grill.

Specifications for Camp Chef Pellet Grill Front Shelf 36:

Color: Black

Features of Camp Chef Pellet Grill Front Shelf 36:

  • Adds more space for cooking and preparation
  • Makes loading and unloading grill convenient
  • Front shelves easliy fold down to fit under patio cover
  • Fits all Camp Chef 36" pellet grills

1-Camp Chef Pellet Grill Front Shelf 36
2-Camp Chef Pellet Grill Front Shelf 36
3-Camp Chef Pellet Grill Front Shelf 36

  • PROS
  • Sturdy, Folds Away Easily, Perfect Addition
  • CONS
#Camp Chef

Brunton 10 Liter Empty Fuel Bottles FUEL-10 are made from hardened aluminum and epoxy coated and make an essential camping accessory. These Brunton Brand flasks are suitable for any liquid fuel, including alcohol. Pressure tested for high performance use and storage, these bottles feature leak-proof bottle caps with caribiner loop attachments and pouring holes for controlled filling.

Specifications for Brunton 1.0 Liter FUEL10 Empty Fuel Bottles:

Overall dimensions:   10.5”x3.3”
Weight:   6 oz

Features of Brunton 1.0 Liter Fuel Bottles FUEL-10:

  • Compatible with Brunton Vapor Stove
  • Pressure tested to 360
  • Epoxy coating

Package Contents:

  • Brunton 10 Liter Empty Fuel Bottles FUEL-10

1-Brunton 1.0Liter Empty Fuel Bottles FUEL-10


In the past, if you wanted a delicious smoky taste with the satisfying seared finish, you had to fire up your pellet grill and your gas grill together. Two grills for one cookout? Not anymore. With our SmokePro BBQ Sear Box, you can do it all with one unit. The Sear Box offers 180 square inces of cooking space, a 16,000 BTU propance burner, enamel-coated cast iron, and specially designed heat diffuser plates to vaporize grease drippings. It's easy to add to your pellet grill with a simple mounting system and the included propane tank holder. You can have the best of both worlds - pick up the SmokePro BBQ Sear Box today. Features: stainless steel construction; enamel-coated cast iron grilling grates; raised ribs for distinct grill marks; propane burner for high heat; propane tank holder included; grease managment system with drip tray; built-in ignition for easy lighting; heat diffuser plates for infrared cooking; reaches temperatures up to 900 F; easily replaces existing side shelf with existing holes and hardware. Specs: 11.5" x 16" searing area; 184 sq. in. total surface area; 16,000 BTU stainless steel burner; 34 lb. overall weight; Propane tank not included. Fits these Pellet Grill models: PG24, PG24S, PG24LTD, PG36LUX.

Included Accessories:

Propane tank holder included

1-Camp Chef Smokepro BBQ Sear Box
2-Camp Chef Smokepro BBQ Sear Box
3-Camp Chef Smokepro BBQ Sear Box
4-Camp Chef Smokepro BBQ Sear Box

  • PROS
  • Fast setup
  • Very fast heat up
  • Surface large enough for 5 large burgers
  • Fast delivery, quality product.
  • CONS
  • You do lose the shelf but the shelf attachment to the front of the Camp Chef can take its place
#Camp Chef

Made using a 100% nylon material, the Fox Outdoors Fox Rugged Poncho Liner has been deigned to be the perfect addition to your poncho.

Specifications for Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner:

Unisex Size: One Size
Fabric/Material: Ripstop
Additional Features: Tie In Cords, Quilted with fiberfill insulation

Features of Fox Outdoors Quilted Poncho Liner:

  • Made of 100% nylon
  • Quilted with fiberfill insulation
  • Strings attached
  • Available in surplus

1-Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner
2-Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner
3-Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner
4-Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner
5-Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner
6-Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner
7-Fox Outdoor Poncho Liner

#Fox Outdoor

Transport and store your stove with ease. Features comfortable handles and large zipper opening for simple use. Durable carry bag fits all Camp Chef and Outdoor Cooker single-burner models. Also fits Keg Roaster accessory.


Weather-resistant liner

Wrap handle for added support

Large, industrial EZ glide zipper


Top opening dimensions: 12" x 16.5"

Depth: 16.25"

Dimensions: 16.5" x 12" x 16.25"

Specifications for Camp Chef Single Burner Carry Bag:

Additional Features: Camping Gear Accessories
Color: Black
Application: Cooking
Weight: 3 lb
Stove Accessory: Stove Extra

Features of Camp Chef Single Burner Carry Bag:

  • Weather-resistant liner
  • Wrap handle for added support
  • Large, industrial EZ glide zipper

1-Camp Chef Single Burner Carry Bag

#Camp Chef

Made from 200 weight fleece and stuffed with revolutionary new Ãexploded fiberÄ polyester for a luxuriously soft, ultra resilient pillow. Pocket Pillow fits nicely into a pack or carry-on for airline travel. Measures 8Ä x 14Ä, weights 7.3 oz. .

1-Equinox Pocket Pillow
2-Equinox Pocket Pillow

  • PROS
  • all pluses
  • CONS

Get reliable heat for cooking on-the-go with this Texsport Propane Burner Stove. These Camping Gear Accessories by Texsport come with one or two burners, depending on your preferences. Additionally, each burner provides 5,000 BTUs of fuel power to cook up all of your favorite meals wherever you take it. To ensure proper fuel flow, this Texsport Portable Propane Stove has a pressure regulator brass valve. There's also integrated wind baffles to ensure your flame keeps your food cooking regardless of nature's intentions. Pick up a Texsport Adjustable Burner Stove today to bring the heat at your next tailgate, backpacking trip, or other outdoor activity.

Specifications for Texsport Propane Burner Stove:

Color: Green

Features of Texsport Propane Burner Stove:

  • Square shaped pot holder with wind baffles
  • Adjustable burner provided up to 5,000 BTUs
  • Pressure regulator brass valve
  • Baked enamel finish on heavy-gauge steel
  • Metal socket injector valve fits either 16.4 oz. or 14.1 oz. disposable cylinder (not included)

1-Texsport Propane Burner Stove
2-Texsport Propane Burner Stove


The Optimus Sparky, is a handheld piezo device: the easy and reliable way to light your gas stove. Lanyard included.

Specifications for Optimus Sparky Piezo Lighter:

Weight: 0.49 oz
Application: Cooking
Fabric/Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
Stove Accessory: Stove Extra

Features of Optimus Sparky Piezo Lighter:

  • Handheld piezo device: The easy and reliable way to light your stove
  • Works simply by the push of a button
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Lanyard included
  • Can be used with both canister and liquid fuel stoves
  • Gas intake holes at the tip of the ignitor for safe lighting

1-Optimus Sparky Piezo Lighter
2-Optimus Sparky Piezo Lighter


Designed to keep you dry in an emergency, the Fox Outdoors Emergency Rain Poncho is made using a PE material that will provide you with years of reliable service.

Features of Fox Outdoors Rain Poncho:

  • Made of PE Material
  • Comes with Hood
  • Packaged in PVC Pouch
  • 50x80 inches
  • Easily fits in pocket or bag
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Translucent

1-Fox Outdoor Emergency Poncho

  • PROS
  • no holes (minus the expected ones)
  • CONS
#Fox Outdoor

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