10 Best Crossbow Parts & Accessories of 2020

Crossbow Rope Cranking Device, assists in cocking crossbow

Specifications for Crosman Power Draw Crossbow Rope Cranking Device:

Color: Black

1-Crosman Power Draw Crossbow Rope Cranking Device

  • PROS
  • Well made. Easy to install
  • A necessary item that works great on my crossbow.
  • CONS
  • May need a taller scope ring to avoid contact between the two
  • Does not fit all crossbows. String needs to be lubed often to keep it performing without hanging up, need to use lock tight on mounting screws to prevent them from vibrating loose

Ravin Replacement lighted nocks have been designed to replace ONLY Ravin lighted arrow nocks. These nocks WILL NOT work in all Ravin arrows - only Ravin lighted arrows

Features of Ravin Replacement Lighted Nocks:

  • Ravin Replacement lighted nocks have been designed to replace ONLY Ravin lighted arrow nocks
  • These nocks WILL NOT work in all Ravin arrows - only Ravin lighted arrows

1-Ravin Replacement Lighted Nocks


Perfect for mounting your favorite bi-pod, flashlight, or any other universal picatinny style accessory. made in specialized factories.

Specifications for Mission Crossbows Accessory Rail For Sub-1:

Color: Black
Additional Features: For Sub-1 Crossbow

1-Mission Crossbows Accessory Rail For Sub-1

  • PROS
  • good price
  • CONS
#Mission Crossbows

The Industry's Only Portable, Fully Retractable, Rope-Sled A portable, retractable rope-cocker designed for most TenPoint, Horton, and Wicked Ridge crossbows*, including reverse-draw and acute string angle crossbows, the new ACUsled reduces a crossbow's draw weight by 50% and reduces the risk of inaccurate cocking that can occur with traditional rope-cockers, and thus, improves a shooter's accuracy. The lightweight unit's draw cord is pound-for-pound 15 times stronger than steel and completely retracts inside one of the two grips after cocking the crossbow. Then, the grips dovetail neatly together to form a compact unit for easy storage. Compatible with all TenPoint and Horton crossbows with Functionally Superior Bullpup (FSB) stocks, including ultranarrow and reverse-draw crossbows (except the Nitro X) and most Wicked Ridge crossbows Reduces draw weight by 50% Clever, convenient, and user-friendly Draws the bow accurately every time Lightweight and affordable No more dangling ropes or handles

Specifications for TenPoint Crossbow Technologies ACUsled, retractable cord:

Color: Black

1-TenPoint Crossbow Technologies ACUsled, retractable cord
2-TenPoint Crossbow Technologies ACUsled, retractable cord

#TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Lighted crossbow nock offers the shooter the ability to see shot placement and make bolt retrieval easier. Nock is activated by the force of the string on the shot and deactivated by slightly pulling the nock away from the arrow shaft. For use in 2219 aluminum crossbow bolts.

Features of Lumenok Crossbow Nock:

  • The Lumenok is a lighted arrow nock used for shot placement recognition & arrow retrieval.
  • Equipped with easily replaceable battery . Uses RB 425

1-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
2-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
3-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
4-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
5-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
6-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
7-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
8-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
9-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
10-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
11-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
12-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
13-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
14-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
15-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
16-Lumenok Crossbow Nock


Comfortably carry your crossbow using the Ravin Shoulder Sling for an easier experience lugging your gear on a hunt or to the practice range. Each of these Bow Tuning & Archery Accessories created by Ravin is padded, non-slip and removable which suits any hunter on-the-go. The Ravin R260 Shoulder Sling is adjustable to suit your needs and is crafted with water-resistant neoprene to perform in any weather conditions. It even protects your cams, cables and strings while on the move chasing down that elusive buck. Create a better and more efficient hunting experience by equipping your weapon with this Ravin Shoulder Crossbow Sling.

Specifications for Ravin Shoulder Sling:

Color: Orange, Black
Attachment/Mount Type: Belt Loop/Slot
Width: 6.35 cm, 2.5 in
Fabric/Material: Neoprene
Additional Features: Quick Detach Swivels
Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant

Features of Ravin Shoulder Sling:

  • This padded, non-slip, removable shoulder sling is a must for the mobile hunter
  • Protects cams, cables and strings while on the move
  • Adjustable 2.5in wide neoprene design for water resistance
  • Features quick-detach swivels for easy removal and built-in thumb loops for carrying comfort

1-Ravin Shoulder Sling
2-Ravin Shoulder Sling
3-Ravin Shoulder Sling


Ensure that your Ravin is perfectly level for precise, long-range shooting. Mounts quickly and easily to the riser archway for clear viewing.

Does NOT work with the R26/R29 Crossbows

Features of Ravin Scope Level:

  • Ensure that your Ravin is perfectly level for precise long-range shooting
  • Mounts quickly and easily to the riser archway for clear viewing.

1-Ravin Scope Level


The CUB or Crossbow Unloading Bolts are a safe and fun way to de-cock your crossbow after the hunt. These two piece bolts are made from PolyLactic Acid and are fully biodegradable, so you just pick a safe target and fire away. Don't worry about retrieving your bolt, these are a single use product that are 100% safe for your crossbow and for the environment. Available in a convenient 6-pack these two piece bolts are a compact way to safely discharge your crossbow at the end of a hunt without having to use a target or retrieve a bolt. Features: - 100% biodegradable - 15" arrow length - Two piece design - Crescent nocks fit almost all crossbow designs - Per 6

1-TenPoint Crossbow Technologies CUB Crossbow Unloading Bolt, 6 Pack

#TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Excaliburs C2 Crank Cocking Aid is the perfect solution for hunters who have difficulty drawing high poundage crossbows. The C2 Crank dramatically reduces the effort required to draw any of Excaliburs models, as well as guaranteeing consistent string alignment. Unlike cumbersome, permanently mounted cranks, it detaches in seconds when the bow is cocked, and is carried separately in a pack or pocket. Constructed of high strength aluminum alloys to reduce weight and machined to tightest tolerances.

Specifications for Excalibur Crossbow Crossbow Cocking Aids:

Additional Features: Cocking Aid
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Quantity: 1

1-Excalibur Crossbow Crossbow Cocking Aids
2-Excalibur Crossbow Crossbow Cocking Aids

#Excalibur Crossbow

Lighted capture nocks for Parker crossbow bolts with .300" inside diameter. Capture design enhances accuracy and improves safety by providing 100 percent string containment. This nock design is required for use with Parker crossbows.

1-Parker Bows Red Hot Lighted Capture Nocks
2-Parker Bows Red Hot Lighted Capture Nocks
3-Parker Bows Red Hot Lighted Capture Nocks
4-Parker Bows Red Hot Lighted Capture Nocks

#Parker Bows

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