10 Best Hunting Scents & Lures of 2020

The Harmon Scents Harmon Triple Heat Buy 2 Get 1 Free Combo Pack is Guaranteed to be the hottest "Female Deer in Heat" lure on the market today! It has long been known as a proven fact by biologists, that deer identify other individual deer by scent. Because of this, Harmon has now developed the Harmon Scents Harmon Triple Heat Combo Pack. It's a mixture of premium doe estrus urine from at least 3 different female deer in heat. The buck can now identify at least 3 different does in the area. Because of this he will react faster and remain in the area longer. The Harmon Scents Harmon Triple Heat Combo 3-Pack is 100% urine to get that Trophy Buck you have always wanted.

WARNING: Keep away from children, never ingest and keep away from eyes.

1-Harmon Scents Harmon Triple Heat Buy 2 Get 1 Free Combo Pack

#Harmon Scents

Cass Creek Harmon Rabbit Urine Hunting Scent will give you the advantage you need to lure in that trophy animal. This potent Cass Creek hunting scent gives you a full 2-ounce bottle of 100% pure real rabbit urine with no additives. When training your best hunting dogs or covering your human scent in the woods, why not go for the REAL scent of a rabbit? As a cover scent, you might see a bobcat, coyote, or fox. Like all animal scents from Cass Creek, Cass Creek Rabbit Pee Scent is extensively field tested to ensure reliability, so you can be sure it will work exactly as intended and fool game animals successfully. Mask your presence and bring out the wildlife with the Cass Creek Harmon Rabbit Urine Scent!

CAUTION: Keep away from children. Never ingest. Keep away from eyes.

Specifications for Cass Creek Rabbit Urine Scent:

Size: 2 oz.

1-Cass Creek Harmon Rabbit Urine Scent

#Cass Creek

Strong, natural cover scent for the whitetail deer hunter. Contains all the scents and smells that whitetail deer produce while in their bedding area. Stick formula allows quick and easy use with no spills, leaks, or mess.

Specifications for Conquest Scents EverCalm Heard Scent:

Container Volume: 2.5 oz

Features of Conquest Scents EverCalm Heard Scent:

  • the perfect all-seaon calming
  • cover
  • and attractant scent
  • collection of buck
  • doe
  • and fawn bedding area scents and smells
  • turns your hunting area into a deer bedding area and calms deer
  • wax-stick formula
  • no spills no leaks no mess and no preservative

1-Conquest Scents EverCalm Heard Scent
2-Conquest Scents EverCalm Heard Scent
3-Conquest Scents EverCalm Heard Scent

#Conquest Scents

Tink's B-Tech Odor Eliminator uses Byotrol technology which is Scientifically Proven to destroy over 300 odor causing compounds produced by the human body, including the perspiration and the ammonia compounds emitted by the normal breathing of your skin. Byotrol Technology is revolutionary! It is equally effective on odors such as food and smoke. The Byotrol Technology doesn't stop working there. It creates a microscopic barrier of protection that prevents odors from adhering to your body and clothing. It's a technology that offers a lasting protection and reassurance hour, after hour, after hour. Features: - Laboratory tested to out perform other leading competitor - Eliminates common odors from foods, smoke, and exhaust - Creates a microscopic barrier that prevents odors from adhering to body or clothes - Available as a complete odor elimination solution Size: 16 oz

Specifications for Tinks B-Tech, Odor Eliminator:

Weight: 8 oz

1-Tinks B-Tech, Odor Eliminator


Target the biggest bucks with Tinks Deer Lure Smokin Sticks. These Hunting Accessories from the pioneers at Tinks offer a no-mess solution with 6 sticks per package. Perfect for cold and cooler climates, the Tinks Hunting Smokin Sticks will last for up to 2-hours of continuous smell. Lure your target with effortless ease with Tinks Doe Urine Smokin Sticks.

Specifications for Tinks Smokin Sticks:

Scent: Whitetail

Tinks Deer Lure Smokin Sticks, 72-5S-STICKSMOKINT

  • Smokes for approximately 2 hours
  • Scent will stick to everything it comes in contact with
  • Contains 6 per pack

1-Tinks Smokin Sticks
2-Tinks Smokin Sticks
3-Tinks Smokin Sticks

  • PROS
  • Safe, easily transportable, Scent travels a LONG WAY, Sticks to everything.
  • CONS

Includes (6) Curiosity Scent sticks and (6) Sexual Attractant sticks.

1-Deer Quest Deer Sense Combo
2-Deer Quest Deer Sense Combo
3-Deer Quest Deer Sense Combo
4-Deer Quest Deer Sense Combo

  • PROS
  • Smoke trail sticks to everything.
  • CONS
#Deer Quest

Dominant boar urine sends the signal that there is a new boar in the area. Provokes boars to come defend their breeding rights. Packaged in an easy to use squirt top bottle.

Specifications for Tinks Power Pig Lure:

Container Volume: 4 oz

1-Tinks Power Pig Lure
2-Tinks Power Pig Lure

  • PROS
  • It works great
  • It arrived quickly.
  • I bought this
  • CONS
  • I cant see anyhing

The Cass Creek Triple Heat Female Deer in Heat CC-H-TH is too much for any trophy buck to resist. This 2 ounces of irresistible lure contains at least 3 different sources of doe in heat urine. The Harmon Trip Heat from Harmon Scents is developed with potent doe estrus urine that a male buck will sense from a great distance. Since the Cass Creek Triple Heat Doe in Heat Lure use three sources, the buck will sense 3 does in the area and give you a longer period of time to hunt and make your shot.

Specifications for Cass Creek CC-H-TH Female Deer in Heat Scent:

Size: 2 ounces
Hunting Type: Deer

Features of Cass Creek Harmon Doe in Heat Scent:

  • Proven results and reliability to attract large bucks
  • Uses 3 sources of doe in heat urine for maximum attraction
  • Keep away from children. Never ingest. Keep away from eyes.

1-Harmon Scents Triple Heat Female Deer in Heat Scent
2-Harmon Scents Triple Heat Female Deer in Heat Scent

  • PROS
  • PRE-RUT AND RUT is best using during these times
  • CONS
#Harmon Scents

The mixture of perennial and annual food plot seeds that comprise the Antler King No Sweat No Till Hunting Food Scent Mix 075312 have been chosen because they are easy to establish, shade tolerant, pH tolerant, they grow fast, and deer love them. Antler King No Sweat No Till Plot Mix is great for shady areas, logging roads and other little spots in the timber that you cannot get equipment into to till up the soil yet, you want to attract deer to that area! For a great way to get your prey to come to you, choose the Antler King Perennial and Annual Plot Mix Hunting Scents.

Features of Antler King No Swear No Till Plot Hunting Scent:

  • Allows you to plant in shady areas.
  • You can plant it in areas where your equipment can not go.
  • No Sweat No Till allows you to plant it and forget it, freeing up your time.
  • Ability to grow in a variety of pH's.

1-Antler King No Sweat No Till Plot Mix Plot Scent

#Antler King

Cass Creek Doe Pee Scent H-DP is an invaluable tool for deer hunters. The Harmon Scents Whitetail Doe Urine Scent from Harmon Scents is 100% pure for maximum attraction of deer. The 2 ounce bottle is conveniently placed into your hunting gear bag and can be used in your hunting grounds to give yourself the best chance. Cass Creek Harmon Scents Doe Pee.

Specifications for Cass Creek H-DP White Tail Doe Urine Scent:

Size: 2 ounces
Hunting Type: Deer

Features of Cass Creek Doe Urine Harmon Scent H-DP:

  • 100% pure doe urine
  • A must have for deer hunters
  • Keep away from children. Never ingest. Keep away from eyes.

1-Harmon Scents Doe Pee Scent

#Harmon Scents

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