9 Best Tent Accessories of 2020

The Mountainsmith Protective Tent Footprint adds another layer of water resistant comfort for wet days in the backcountry. These heavy duty Tent Accessories from Mountainsmith also protect the floor of your tent from damage and staining due to debris. Color coded loops make Mountainsmith Rugged Tent Footprints easy to orient so they fit completely beneath your tent floor to prevent water pooling. With the easy to pitch Mountainsmith Water-Resistant Tent Footprint, you and your gear will stay dry and secure for a couple days or a couple weeks.

Features of Mountainsmith Water-resistant Tent Footprint:

  • Color coded loops for easy attachment to main tent body
  • Sized slightly smaller than tent floor to resist water pooling
  • Fire retardant coating
  • Polyester material
  • PU 2000mm water resistance coating
  • Nylon webbing

1-Mountainsmith Tent Footprint w/ Color-Coded Loops for Tent Attachment
2-Mountainsmith Tent Footprint w/ Color-Coded Loops for Tent Attachment


The Drymate Tent Carpet TCMC88100 has been designed to be the ideal way to carpet your tent or canopy. This is the solution for walking or sleeping on cold wet ground. Don't forget to take this with you on your next camping trip or outing. The Drymate Tent Carpet feels great to walk and sleep on and keeps you warm and dry, even on wet ground. Patented Zorb-Tech anti-flow technology prevents soak through from above or below. Durable and stain resistant, your Drymate Tent Mat will last for years.

Features of Drymate Tent Floor Mat for Camping:

  • Waterproof backing keeps you warm & dry, even on wet ground
  • Prevents soak through from above or below
  • Carpet feels great to walk or sleep on
  • Keeps your feet and gear from getting wet
  • Easily cut to size without fraying
  • Non-slip backing keeps mat in place
  • Carrying strap makes it portable and compact
  • Lightweight, only 7 lbs.
  • Simple to clean with hose and is machine washable
  • Durable and stain resistant-lasts for years
  • Fabric fiber made from over 50% recycled material

1-Drymate Tent Carpet


Dry your swimsuits, towels, and other wet gear by setting up this MSR Dry Line Kit. This Tent Accessories from MSR is outfitted with tensioners and hooks for a fast, simple way to dry your wet items in the sun's heat. The reflective nylon cord construction of this MSR Outdoor Dry Line Kit is durable and easy to spot at night when a light is shining nearby. Prepare for some summer fun with this MSR Dry Clothesline Kit at your disposal.

Features of MSR Dry Line Kit:

  • Light and compact design
  • Nylon reflective cord
  • Length: 144 in / 365 cm

1-MSR Dry Line Kit


Custom ground cloth for the Mountain Hardwear Pathfinder 2 tent. The waterproof footprint protects the tent floor from damage and prolongs the life of the tent.

Features of Mountain Hardwear Pathfinder 2 Footprint

  • Fabric Tent Floor: 70D 190T Nylon Taffeta 3000mm Ester Type PU WR
  • Measurements
  • Weight: 9.1 oz / 261 g
  • Weight Minimum: 9.1 oz / 261 g
  • The Pathfinder 2 Footprint is a waterproof footprint that protects the tent floor from damage and prolongs tent life by adding a layer between the tent floor and the ground
  • Pitch Light option is available with footprint. Pitch the tent without the canopy, using only the tent poles, fly, and footprint, for a lightweight shelter (Instructions below)
  • Grommet tabs attach to tent pole ends
  • Imported
  • Tent Pitching Instructions (Download PDF)

1-Mountain Hardwear Pathfinder 2 Footprint

  • PROS
  • Right size
  • CONS
  • Unsure on durability
#Mountain Hardwear

The Yakima SkyRise SkyHooks provide strong attachment points for hanging and keep gear off of the ground. The SkyHooks slide into the SideTrack of your Yakima SkyRise roof top tent for quick and easy attachment.

Specifications for Yakima SkyRise SkyHooks:

Additional Features: Fits Both Skyrise Small And Skyrise Medium Roof Top Tents, Lid Seals With Velcro To Shut Out Elements, Accessory Pockets Inside And Out To Hold Small Essentials, Durable, Waterproof Material Protects Contents, Large Enough To Hold A Pair Of Hiking Boots Or A Few Pairs Of Shoes, Slides Into Sidetrack For Quick And Easy Attachment, Hanging Storage Bag Allows For Gear To Be Stowed Outside The Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent
Size: 11W x 16H x 7D in

Features of Yakima SkyRise SkyHooks:

  • Set of 4
  • Strong attachment points for hanging and keeping gear off the ground
  • Slides into SideTrack for quick and easy attachment
  • Mli> 3"Carabiner

1-Yakima SkyRise SkyHooks


Nite Ize Reflective Rope RR-04-50 make sure you never trip over a tent rope at night again! These highly visible in the dark Reflective Ropes from Nite Ize is 50 feet in length, providing highly visible reflective cord for tent lines, bear bags, boating, tarps, and more. The Nite Ize RR-04-50 Reflective Rope 50 Feet is ideal for safety in the woods, campsite, on the water or highway and more. Outstanding quality for a wide variety of uses, Nite Ize outdoor gear does it all.

Specifications for Green 50 foot RR-04-50 Reflective Cord:

Length: 50' (15.24 meters)
Diameter: 2.44mm
Color: Green reflective cord

Features of NiteIze Reflective Rope 50 Feet Green RR0450:

  • Highly visible, bright reflective green cord
  • 50' of durable, strong reflective rope
  • Perfect to see at night, on the campsite, your car or boat

Activities for Nite-Ize Reflective Cord Green 50 Feet:

  • Biking
  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Trades
  • Hunting
  • Military & Tactical
  • Night Safety
  • Off-Roading / ATV
  • Travel

1-Nite Ize Reflective Rope 50 Feet Green

  • PROS
  • Can see it at night.
  • CONS
#Nite Ize

Bathtub floor and bug netting for added protection with the Mega Light.

Specifications for Black Diamond Mega Bug:

Packed Size: 6 x 11 in / 15 x 28 cm
Tent Accessory Type: Bug Nets & Vestibules
Weight: 3.69 lb
Body Material: 70D Nylon
Tent Poles: 1, included
Minimum Weight: 3 lb
Internal Height: 57 in
Floor Area: 50.7 sq ft / 4.7 sq m

Features of Black Diamond Mega Bug

  • Four-person netting and floor can stand alone in dry/river/beach setting
  • Aluminum pole included
  • 70d nylon

1-Black Diamond Mega Bug
2-Black Diamond Mega Bug
3-Black Diamond Mega Bug

#Black Diamond

You've got the perfect tent. Help keep it that way with the ColemanĀ® Tent Kit. Set up the tent quickly with the steel tent pegs and rubber mallet. Keep it clean for the entire campout with the nesting hand broom and dustpan. When the fun is done, use the tent stake puller to get the pegs out of the ground easily. All four of these important tools fit nicely inside the mesh carry bag for the next adventure.

Specifications for Coleman Tent Kit W/ Rubber Mallet, 4 Tent Stakes, Stake Puller, Hand Broom, Dustpan:

Color: Green/Black

1-Coleman Tent Kit W/ Rubber Mallet, 4 Tent Stakes, Stake Puller, Hand Broom, Dustpan
2-Coleman Tent Kit W/ Rubber Mallet, 4 Tent Stakes, Stake Puller, Hand Broom, Dustpan

  • PROS
  • Compact & light
  • CONS

The Blue Sky Gear Peg Mallet with Puller 32-02098-20 was designed to be a perfect tent peg mallet with a classic design that is incredibly comfortable to use. The Blue Sky Tent Spike Mallet w/ Puller consists of a rubber double sided head, and wooden handle. The Blue Sky Mallet for Tent Pegs is made with a metal hook at the end of the handle that doubles as a tent peg puller.

Features of Blue Sky Gear Tent Peg Mallet w/ Spike Puller:

  • Double sided rubber head
  • Wooden handle
  • Metal hook at the end that doubles as a tent peg puller

1-Blue Sky Gear Tent Peg Mallet with Puller
2-Blue Sky Gear Tent Peg Mallet with Puller

#Blue Sky Gear

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