Tinks B-Tech, Odor Eliminator

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Tink's B-Tech Odor Eliminator uses Byotrol technology which is Scientifically Proven to destroy over 300 odor causing compounds produced by the human body, including the perspiration and the ammonia compounds emitted by the normal breathing of your skin. Byotrol Technology is revolutionary! It is equally effective on odors such as food and smoke. The Byotrol Technology doesn't stop working there. It creates a microscopic barrier of protection that prevents odors from adhering to your body and clothing. It's a technology that offers a lasting protection and reassurance hour, after hour, after hour. Features: - Laboratory tested to out perform other leading competitor - Eliminates common odors from foods, smoke, and exhaust - Creates a microscopic barrier that prevents odors from adhering to body or clothes - Available as a complete odor elimination solution Size: 16 oz

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Specifications for Tinks B-Tech, Odor Eliminator:

Weight: 8 oz

1-Tinks B-Tech, Odor Eliminator

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Luciano - Add Reply

B-Tech truly makes you vanish. I have had deer step into my fresh tracks on my way to the stand after spraying my boots. Deer have fed around my stand and directly below with any detection. I wouldn't use any other scent eliminator.

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