FAB Defense AR15/M4 Polymer Muzzle Brake Cover

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Features of FAB Defense AR15/M4 Polymer Muzzle Brake Cover:

  • Durable polymer cover for M4/M16 flash hiders
  • Keeps dirt, water, ice and snow out of bore
  • Blows off prior to bullet exiting bore

1-FAB Defense AR15/M4 Polymer Muzzle Brake Cover

  • PROS
  • easy to use
  • solid construction
  • Tight fit
  • CONS
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Marlon - Add Reply

This is a must have if you own a AR-15 with a standard flash suppressor. It will keep the barrel from getting fouled up from junk that seems to grow in these areas. We always had these items for are M-16's that we had in the service. Sometimes we fregot about them and they got launched.

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Gussie - Add Reply

This product is necessary in heavy dirt and wet environments and it is cheap protection for what it does. It blows off safely if you fire and back at the safe will help keep the barrel end from scratching other guns if it falls over or slides along a row of guns.

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Bernie - Add Reply

I fitted this on one my AR's that has a flash hider with sharp jagged points. Now, when I put in my carrying case I don't have to worry about it wearing a hole while moving a round. It fits snug, so I like the fact they included a key ring hole which makes popping off easier.

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Cruz - Add Reply

great for when storing your ar. keeps out not only dirt,but keeps out spiders and stops them from clogging the barrel with nest. dont, know what type spider does this but the nest is a white color and just as dense as dirt,and it will blow a barrel.you can also use on none nato breaks just run a rubber band through eyelet and lope over front sight to keep secured

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Alexander - Add Reply

From my time in Iraq, as well as hunting in the States, I appreciate the value of having a muzzle cover on my M-4/AR-15 in the field to keep normal debris and moisture out of the barrel, snow if I was moving through thick cover during the winter, and dirt/mud in the unfortunate case I tripped or was knocked down. This version from FAB Defense (imported from Israel by The MAKO Group) is the best I've found: it's more sturdy than the ones we had in the military, completely fits over a standard M-4/M-16 military-style flash hider, has a snug fit but still slips on and off easily, and it even has a nice little lanyard/wire hole for securing it to your weapon (which also aids in removal). All and all, a lightweight, inexpensive addition to a AR-style Modern Sporting Rifle that can prevent a catastrophic barrel obstruction, and, as stated in the description, it does not constitute an obstruction itself if (though certainly not recommended) you forget and fire with it still on your barrel!

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Sedrick - Add Reply

This is a nice thing to have in your rifle case. Keep little things and debris form getting stuck in your muzzle break. Keeps it covered and looks nice to boot. This is a handy little item to have. thanks!

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