Celestron Radial Guider 94176

Specifically for use in prime focus, deep-sky imaging or astrophotography with Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes , Celestron Radial Guider 94176 is compact and sleek in design. Celestron Radial Guider makes it possible to simultaneously photograph and guide through the optical tube assembly of your Celestron Telescope . Celestron Radial Guider also eliminates the problem of differential flexure, because you're both guiding and photographing through the telescope.

Celestron Radial Guider 94176 is compatible with Celestron C 8 Telescopes , TelescopesCelestron C 9.25 Telescopes, Celestron C 11 Telescopes and Celestron C 14 Telescopes and comes with a unique prism angle adjustment screw. Celestron Radial Guider must be used with a Celestron Guiding Eyepiece, Celestron Camera T-Ring and drive corrector (dual axis preferred). Primarily for use with catadioptric telescopes, but also works on refractor telescopes having adequate back focus.

Celestron Radial Guider 94176 is a tremendous improvement over conventional off-axis guiders. Not only is the angle of the prism tunable, but Celestron Radial Guider also maintains a fixed rigid camera orientation while still offering users the freedom to move the guiding eyepiece radially about 135°.

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  • Celestron Radial Guider 94176

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Brooks - Add Reply

The Celestron Radial Guider is a compact and well made device. It works very well with my 8" SCT. If you are new to astrophotography this guider will take a little time to get set up. However, if you plan to get involved in astrophotography, this is a "must have" device.I use the radial guider for deep sky imaging along with my SCT, Deep Sky Color CCD imager and my piggyback mounted 80mm APO refractor guide scope. My pictures are much improved and clearer. Ahthough, I am a rookie at astrophotography, I was able to get this device set up and used the first night out. They are many other similar guiders out there, but I cannot see how they could be any better than the Celestron Radial Guider. A lot of bang for your buck. Of course, this is typical of Celestron's products. If you are into or planning on doing astrophotography with your SCT, I highly recommend this product Pros: Quality construction and easy to use. Cons: None so far!

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