Umarex Red Dot Sights 2300577

Umarex PS 22 Walther Electronic Red Dot Point Sight projects a red aiming dot onto the lens in the target level. Iron sights such as rear or front sights are not required, thus allowing you to aim with both eyes open. The Umarex Walther Electronic Red Dot Sight PS22 includes a mounting base which can be affixed to a Weaver rail (22 mm), such as on the Walther G22(soft air or firearm) or Beretta CX4 Storm (air rifle or firearm). The on/off rotary switch is combined with 11 settings for brightness adjustment and powered by one 3 volt CR2032 battery. This Umarex Walther Electronic Red Dot Point Sight 2300577 dramatically increases targeting speed in short range shooting situations for better concentration on the task at hand and not your tools.

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Specifications for Umarex Walther Electronic Red Dot Sight PS22:

Battery: 2032 3V Lithium
Objective: 31mm
DOT Size: 5 M.O.A.
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Finish: Matte Black

Features of Umarex Walther Electronic Red Dot Point Sight 2300577:

  • 11 brightness settings
  • Raised Mount fits Weaver or Picatinny
  • Dust Caps Flip Up
  • Use on airguns as well as centerfires

1-Umarex Red Dot Sights 2300577

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Allen - Add Reply

For the money this red dot is hard to beat. I put it on a Gamo Whisper pellet gun (need a conversation rail on gun to accept Weaver). I feel confident it will work just fine. Sighting in was a breeze. Remove windage and elevation turret caps (which are tethered) and adjust with a coin or screwdriver. 11 different brightness settings. I am pleased. I have another just like it in a S&W 15-22. So, I liked it enough to buy 2.

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Kendrick - Add Reply

This is the second cheap red dot I own. The first was a tru glo. Had to go cheap as I was purchasing a Nightforce at the same time. I like that I can adjust the red dot with clicks and a screw driver rather than an allen wrench. Only issues are the blue-ish color of the lens (would've preferred clear), and also had to move it pretty far forward on the rifle to allow for iron sites to still function. Would not have been able to do so on a rifle that only had a rail above the receiver and not on the barrel also. Pros: real easy setup Cons: color tint of lens

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Trystan - Add Reply

After reading a lot of reviews, I bought this scope for my Walther/Colt M4 .22lr semi-auto rifle. It is just perfect in every way, although it has yet to stand the test of time. If first impressions matter, it's a winner.

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