Bobro Engineering Compact Dual Lever Scope Mount

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The Bobro Engineering Compact Low mount was designed to work perfectly on Mini14 / M1A / AK platforms, or any other system where a low mount that utilizes minimal rail space is desired.If your application requires a truly return to zero quick detach mount, then the Compact Low is an ideal choice.The mount has two BLACR lever assemblies. The BLACR is Bobro Engineerings compact version of the proven BLAC design. The mount base is relieved to clear the ejection area when installed on the Mini14/M1A platform to ensure reliable ejection and not interfere with field stripping in any way. Removal of the bolt is possible without taking the mount off of the rifle on many systems.Bolt action rifles are also well suited to utilize the mount. The height is optimized to clear a scope objective diameter of 56mm on most bolt action setups.

Included Accessories:

Instruction and Toolkit

90.5 /100
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Specifications for Bobro Engineering Compact Dual Lever Scope Mount:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum
Gun Model: Springfield Armory M1A
Length: 5.75 in
Width: 3.5 in
Additional Features: Low

1-Bobro Engineering Compact Dual Lever Scope Mount
2-Bobro Engineering Compact Dual Lever Scope Mount

  • PROS
  • Sturdy, true RTZ
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Rowan - Add Reply

I mounted this on an M1A to be able to switch between thermal and standard rifle scopes quickly. No deflection or movement is detectable in any direction. I have an optic dialed in at 600 yards, there was no change in poi after repeated mounting, dismounting. The machining is flawless and it is a TRUE return to zero mount. Bobro is the premier qd mount manufacturer and their products are some of the finest available to shooters

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