On Time Wildlife Feeders Buck Boiler

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On Time 95000 Buck Boiler Buck Boiler Black - The Buck Boiler is a clean and efficient way to create a European Mount. The unit houses a patent pending heating element which utilizes household electricity instead of the conventional way of using expensive propane. A heavy duty powercord with a safety breaker built into the lug is attached and operates on standard household current of 110 volt. Easy to use, the unit manipulates tap water and dish detergent for an approximately 8 hour process, at the end of which, your trophy is ready to be rinsed off and mounted. Temperature is held more constant with the Buck Boiler than when using propane to make damaging the bone structure of the trophy less likely.

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Specifications for On Time 95000 Buck Boiler Buck Boiler Black:

Mfg Item Num:  95000
Supplier SKU:  69252
Type:  Mounting Kit
Model or Style:  95000
Color:  Black
Size:  4 Gallon
Material:  Plastic
Heating Area:  Bucket
Battery Config:  None

1-On Time Wildlife Feeders Buck Boiler

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Bryce - Add Reply

This is my 3rd boiler, they work good for about 7 heads and then the element burns out, contacted On Time and they told me they are only good for 10 heads maybe??? That's the only downfall to these, wish they would put a better element in these or at least a replacement

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