Lockdown Silica Gel - 40g

Lockdown Silica Gel Can - 40g 222555 absorbs moisture from the air inside a vault or storage area preventing condensation, mildew and rust from damaging valuable firearms. Crystals change color once fully saturated and can be easily recharged in the oven.

Specifications for LOCKDOWN Weapon Lubricating Gel - Silica:

Dimensions: 2 in. wide x 4 in. high x 5 in. deep

Features of LOCKDOWN Gun Lubricant Silica Gel:

  • Absorbs moisture from the air
  • Easily recharged in oven
  • Durable vented can for easy handling

1-Lockdown Silica Gel - 40g

  • PROS
  • Easy to recharge
  • CONS

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