Lock Down Hanging Organizer Large

Lockdown Large Hanging Organizer 22168 keeps your gun safe uncluttered and makes small items easy to find. With four different pocket sizes, this Lockdown gun safe accessory has multiple functions. A handgun is easily stored in one of the three larger pockets if you open the zippers, or the zippers can be closed to store jewelry and other valuables. The Lockdown Hanging Gun Safe Organizer has six different pockets that can fit ammo, knives, and gun accessories. The unit attaches to the door of your gun safe with the Lockdown Universal Attachment System, so it doesn't take up any shelf space in your safe. If you want to store more than rifles in your Lockdown gun safe, you could use the Lockdown Large Gun Safe Organizer.

Specifications for Lockdown Large Organizer:

Pocket Material: Elastic Mesh
Dimensions: 19.75"W x 12"H x .75"D

Features of Lockdown Large Hanging Safe Organizer:

  • Secures small items and valuables
  • Mounts to gun safe door w/ Universal Attachment System
  • Six elastic mesh pockets
  • Stores handguns in three zippered pockets
  • Rigid back panel

1-Lock Down Hanging Organizer Large

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