Butler Creek Bikini Scope Cover

One Size of Butler Creek Bikini Scope Cover fits Rifle Scope Accessories with objectives bells up to 62mm outside diameter. Millions of shooters appreciate the simplicity, effectiveness and affordable price of this great lens protector. Butler Creek Bikini was designed for the economy-minded hunter/shooter who prefers a one-piece, quick clearing scope cover. Two pliable rubber-like cups joined by stretch retainers create a tight moisture and dust-proof seal to protect your valuable optics while in storage, transit or in the field.

Specifications for Butler Creek Bikini Scope Cover:

Objective Lens Diameter: 40 - 62 mm
Additional Features: Objective Cap
Finish: Matte
Fabric/Material: Rubber
Attachment/Mount Type: Slip On
Color: Black

1-Butler Creek Bikini Scope Cover
2-Butler Creek Bikini Scope Cover
3-Butler Creek Bikini Scope Cover

  • PROS
  • cost/value, lightweight, durable, simple, quiet
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